Ebbenglade Finnsheep Stud

Soft High Lustre Fleece -  Multiple Births - Easy Lambing - Short Tail (no docking) - Low Body Fat Scores- Finnish landrace sheep -      Ebbenglade Finns-Products Shop - support this rare breed in Australia

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Ebbenglade Stud is a family partnership run by John & Lucy Edwards and situated on 80 acres (32 hectares) on a beautiful plateau surrounded by distant hills in Allendale Victoria.

Allendale is close to the small township of Creswick, 25km southwest of Daylesford, 27km north of Ballarat, 48km south of Maryborough, 60km southwest of Kyneton and Woodend, 100km south of Bendigo, and 120km west of Melbourne.

John & Lucy discovered the super soft high lustre finn fibre in 2002 when searching for a compatible natural fibre to complement the high lustre suri-alpaca fibre for yarn making.

Being so rare as a purebreed in Australia, and having such desirable attributes they realised they would need to help maintain their future in Australia to be able to obtain consistent quantities of fleece for commercial yarn making.

They obtained their first finnsheep in 2004 and joined the Australian Finnsheep Breeders Association (AFBA) shortly after.  First Lucy and now John have been Secretary of the Finn Association since 2010.

They have a keen interest and specialty in Australian Finnsheep and Alpacas; and also run a wholesale textiles/knitting yarn company based on these fibres using the brand names Tailored Strands and ecostrands.   FINNesse is our finnsheep yarn, and Suri Silk is our suri-alpaca (60%) and finnsheep wool (30%) highly lustrous yarn.